Brief History of ICCNY ICCNY was founded in 1982 by seven members and was moved to Stamford, CT in 2001. The ICCNY suggests active involvement within the community, and to keep healthy relationship with Mosques, Islamic schools and local & national organizations.   Board of Trustees The seven members of the board of trustees were elected and chosen by the members and families of the ICCNY. Each board member is highly qualified to serve the Islamic center and the community. The board members have a mission to move people to strive for and exemplify justice, liberty and peace within the community.   Facility The ICCNY is now located in Stamford, CT, a 3 story, 18,000 square foot building, with a parking lot fitting 50 cars. Our facilities include the mosque, which can hold over 300 people, a 9 classroom Sunday school, a game/entertainment room, and a beautiful multipurpose hall with the capacity of 100 people.   School Activities The School is managed by a qualified principle, staff and teachers. There are 9 classrooms with over 60 students ranging between the ages of 5 and up. At the ICCNY, we have a Saturday and Sunday school that teaches Qur’an recitation/memorization, Arabic language, and Islamic history. The staff strives to promote the youth’s education with strong bonds of friendship, knowledge, and guidance.   Multi-Purpose Hall Our beautiful multi-purpose hall may accommodate over 100 people with full kitchen, sound systems and big screen TV. We have many occasions that take place here; anything ranging from weddings to Eid celebrations, and much more.   Game Room This room contains games and entertainments such as foosball table, ping pong table, an Xbox 360, and is connected to a fitness center. This room is meant for the youth to be able to take short breaks during the school so that they may be attentive and sharp in the classroom. And they may use it anytime they please.   Family Counseling
  • Family counseling (before and during marriage)
  • Marriage contracts
  • Youth/Teen counseling sessions
  • Mediation and Arbitration; personal, family and business conflicts
  • Islamic Will
  Ramadan Program
  • Daily Iftar in the multipurpose room
  • Daily Taraweeh
  • Start Tahajod on the 14th of Ramadan
  • Suhoor at the mosque starting 14th of Ramadan
  • Finish recitation of the Qur’an on the night of the 27th Ramadan 
  • Integration of Islamic Knowledge, Islamic etiquettes and morals
  • Creating a healthy Islamic environment
  • Proper recitation of Qur’an
  • Principles of Tajweed
  • Memorization of the Qur’an
  With Best Regards, Management of ICCNY