learn_arabic1   Assalamu Alaikum! ICCNY Stamford is pleased to announce the start of a new program : Learn Quranic Arabic The Practical Way Every Friday: 6:30 to 7:30 PM Where: Level Six classroom in School The program will focus on teaching the Arabic language in a practical way using the daily Quranic verses that we recite in our daily prayers. The instructor will use the (Practice on real-life example/Repeat) method to bring non-Arabic speakers up to speed with the language. Knowing the meaning and how to use every single word in the Quranic verse will build a repository of words that the speaker will be able to understand when he or she hears them, and will be able to use the repository of words in conversations with Arabic speakers.   Best Regards, Montaser Al Madani +1 (203) 524-5581