Tax header 1 Asalamu Walaikum Brothers and Sisters, The ICCNY is pleased to announce that the Professor of Accounting at Fairfield University, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, is most graciously volunteering his time to help those in the ICCNY Community with their 2015 tax return preparations.  (Maximum gross income: $60k). Dr. Ibrahim will be available at the Center on Thursday evenings after 7:00pm starting in February.  Dr. Ibrahim requests that groups of 6 appointments be scheduled for each night.  Please call Mr. Ahmed Salah at +1 (203) 979-0779 to schedule your appointment, as spaces are limited.   On behalf of the entire ICCNY Community, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Ibrahim for his help.   Sincerely, Maher Hussein ICCNY Board President